RPPR related FAQ’s

How many Physio sessions will I need?

The number of treatments required to fix your injury/pain will depend on a number of factors. These include the length of time you’ve had the pain, severity of the injury and adherence to the home exercise program prescribed. Generally,  sessions can range from 3-5 for acute injuries and 6-8 for chronic injuries / pain.

What Physio treatments are available?

Treatments available to your RPPR Physiotherapist will include massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling, exercise prescription, muscle energy techniques and electrotherapy e.g. TENS, ultrasound.

How do I prevent my pain from coming back?

Once you’ve had an injury, there is an increased chance that same injury will occur again. Our Physiotherapists will recommend strategies for prevention. These can include attending group exercise classes, recognising early signs and symptoms and adhering to a home exercise program.

Do your Physios do home visits?

Yes. Our Physios can treat and provide exercise programs at your home. Costs are as follows (Health fund rebates apply, DVA approved):

Initial home visit $100.00
Subsequent home visit $90.00

Am I eligible for any subsides or rebates?

Patients eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Work Cover will attract NO ‘out of pocket’ expenses after seeing one of our Physiotherapists. Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) eligible patients are required to pay a gap of around $20-30. Private Health Cover e.g. BUPA, HCF etc. will also cover a portion of the fee for private patients.

How much does physio cost?

Charges may vary per Physio depending on the specialised treatment offered to individual patients and length of appointment times.  Below is an indication of costs:

Initial Consultation (45-60 mins) $75.00 – $89.00
Subsequent Consultation (30 mins) $65.00 – $75.00

Note:  Subsequent consultations longer than 30 minutes will be charged dependent on length of appointment.

What if I cancel / don’t attend my appointment?

In the event of a cancellation, 24 hours notice is required. Please phone (07) 55 622 088 at least 24 hours prior to your appointment so that we can re-allocate your time slot. A fee of 50% of the consultation cost will be charged if this does not occur. Emergency situations will be considered. 

Pilates related FAQ’s

How many Pilates sessions do I need?

As with any form of exercise, Pilates needs to be done routinely for health benefits to be achieved. Some clients are able to glean exercises from their Pilates classes and apply it to their home program. Some clients prefer regular supervision during our group classes. Results are seen quicker with more regular Pilates participation.

Does it help sport performance?

Definitely. Core strength has been shown to significantly improve upper and lower limb strength, speed, power, agility and endurance. It is perfect for sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules, Rowing, Golf and Tennis. It not only boosts performance but also helps prevent injuries.

How long will it take to fix my injury?

This will depend on severity of the injury / pain, whether it is acute or chronic and adherence to recommended rehabilitation. A chronic condition e.g. long term lower back pain, can take up to 2 months to see improvements whereas benefits can be seen within 2 weeks for more acute injuries e.g. neck sprain.

How many people to a class?

The first class will be a one on one session with an RPPR Clinical Pilates Instructor. During this session safety and technique will be discussed and movements specific to your injury will be identified.  This is followed up by participation in a group of 3-4.

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