Meet Leona Kontkanen

Health coach, Strength coach & Pilates instructor

I know the science, the bro-science and the theory to apply to health and fitness coaching. My 20 yrs of experience has shown me you bring me an idea or a fad, which got you in the door, and now I would like to deep dive into finding your optimum health and well being – mind, body and spirit.

I believe in living this life, enjoying all it has to offer – being comfortable in swimwear in the summer; eating, drinking and being involved socially; while maintaining your awareness and fullest truth.
Since Aug 9th, 2001, I have been working at least part time as a personal trainer. I was lucky to be interned with some very clever people during my qualification process in Canada. No 12 week to a certificate for me! I spent 8 months being mentored in strength & conditioning and bodybuilding in a gym outside of Toronto, Canada. I returned to the beautiful Gold Coast working as a mobile PT in the parks and beaches until taking up a franchised personal training business in Indooroopilly Fitness First in conjunction with enrolling at the University of Queensland. I eventually completed my undergraduate in Psychology, which I continue to study towards registration.

In 2005 I was named Queensland Personal Trainer of the year and was encouraged to move into education, training and mentoring the personal training team of Queensland. I quickly worked my way to Cluster manager, overseeing 8 club’s personal training departments. Some of my greatest rewards are the people I met and mentored to success.

I left to run The Studio Personal Training with a team of 4 PTs for a little over a year. Fitness First Australia lured me back with another training manager’s role, bringing me back to the Gold Coast where I continued to teach, learn and achieve accolades for 3 years.

Most recently I have worked developing an allied health clinic as practice manager, gaining an allied health assistant certification and a diploma in Pilates. It’s time for me to return to my love, helping people find function, strength, ability and health in the fitness space and in their world at large.

I have always loved working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of improving their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, let’s connect about the tools and resources I have available to help you in a healing and friendly environment.